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Tuition & Coaching

As a PGA qualified teaching professional,  Glyn is your ideal coach and has a wide range of lesson packages available.

Driving bays available for all weather tuition / practise.  

Watch the ball NOT!! head down

At this time of year its very important that you make good clean contact with the ball, we have all hit shots a little fat / heavy what ever you want to call it and ended up with a face full of mud.

I believe that some of the cause for this is peoples miss interpretation of keeping their HEAD DOWN instead, they should be thinking of watching the ball. By keeping your head down for too long will cause you to slump in posture during the downward swing therefore losing height and subsequently grounding the club too early, you would then stop yourself from completing a classic follow through position with the majority of your weight being transferred onto the left side ( right handed golfers ) or right side for ( left handed golfers ).

If you were to change your thoughts to WATCH THE BALL, your posture would remain the same on the downward swing because of the anticipation of watching the ball not only at impact but also as it flies towards your target, allowing you to shift your weight into the correct postion ie: Classic follow through!

So to sum it all up: 1. Watch the ball at impact.

                               2. Watch the ball fly towards your target.

This change of thought will allow you to strike the ball better and make a more consistant and flowing movement from the top of the backswing!!

GIVE IT A  GO!!               GLYN.   


Lesson Packages.

Gold - Six lessons including one video lesson and a nine hole playing lesson to be taken whenever you wish. £120.00

Silver - Three short game lessons/Three long game lessons £100.00

Bronze - Three lessons: 1 x long game, 1 x Chipping/bunker play, 1 x Putting       £55.00

Single Lessons.

1 x half hour lesson £ 20.00

1 x fourty five min video lesson £ 25.00

1 x nine hole playing lesson £ 40.00


Junior Coaching

Junior Coaching season April - October each year.

Tuesday Evenings:           6.00 pm - 7.00 pm            £3 per session p.p.

There will also be an 'assessment' afternoon on Sundays (to be confirmed)

Please contact the PGA Professional on 01743 860881